History of the Strip Club

A strip club, otherwise often know as a gentlemen’s club, is a venue that provides regular adult entertainment mainly in a form of erotic dances or what is known as stripteases. This venue typically adopts bar or night club style and may sometimes adopt cabaret or theater style. Are you aware how strip club have come into being? If not, then take a closer look at it’s history below.
Modern stripping highlights the dances of Ghawazee which was seized and discovered by French colonists during the 19th century in Egypt and North Africa. Erotic dances which were performed by a woman known to be called Kuchuck Hanem was described and witnessed by a French novelist named Gustave Flaubert.
In this type of dance, performers are disrobing while searching for an impressive imaginary bee which is trapped on their garments. Modern belly dance was also an oriental form of dancing and was also popularized in the United States after the introduction of a striptease in Midway in 1893’s World Fair Chicago. This was introduced by a dancer known to be called Little Egypt.

European Tradition

During the 19th century in France, Parisian also shows Folies Bergere and Moulin Rouge featured scantily clad, attractive, tableaux vivants and dancing women. This was eventually filmed by Alice Guy in the year 1897. One of the first striptease public acts was credited to Parisian in the year 1894.

American Tradition

In America, history of strip club originated in burlesque theaters and traveling carnivals where featured strippers were Sally Rand and Gypsy Rose Lee. Another strip club milestone in America was considered to be a legendary type of show at the Minsky’s Burlesque in 1925. However, this was prohibited by the legal ruling in the year 1937 leading to the decline of strip clubs into venues that will be used for some exploitation cinema.

Asian Tradition

Japanese term used for strip clubs are nudo gekijo – a term used to described nude clubs. This became popular in the entire area of Japan right after the end of the World War II against the US. Some of the girls during these years choose to strip in some theaters which are a substitute to prostitution.
Despite of the continuous development and spread of strip club in Japan, a regulation was implemented in order to assure that presentable various movements would be the only things showcased in every performance. During the year 1950’s Japanese strip clubs became less oriented to dance and sexually explicit until they primarily create live and pleasurable shows.

On Video

The first recorded use of striptease was in 1993, though the term stripping means removing clothing of women to sexually impress and excite men was dated 400 years ago. The term was first used in the comedy movie of Thomas Otway’s entitled, “The Soldier’s Fortune”.
The development and history of strip clubs around the world are still present in today’s adult entertainment industry.